The Human Capital Theory

Our Philosophy

Communities are about people. We believe human-to-human relationships should be at the center of our approaches to challenges and opportunities. When people channel their ideas, energy, and skills into community building the results are transformative.

Our goal is to make social and economic impact

The ideaWe help local businesses and organizations reach their goals, while challenging them to cultivate talent from communities that need economic development the most

Our approach: Connecting people, businesses, and institutions in ways that develop human capital and encourage economic stability

How it works: We match people with opportunities to contribute to community based economies. This means we...

  • Identify businesses and organizations that can benefit from high quality professional services
  • Pair them with a team of local professionals for 3 skills-based volunteer sessions
  • In exchange, businesses and organizations agree to hire, mentor, and/or apprentice local talent

Our community includes you

You'll be hearing from us

  • We'll share stories of people working together to achieve great successes
  • Provide a forum to discuss issues that most afflict our communities
  • Present opportunities for you to directly engage with our work

We want to hear from you:

  • Join the dialogue by interacting with our social media accounts
  • Tell us about organizations and leaders that inspire you
  • Shape the conversation by sharing your ideas about what it will take to grow your local economy