#Imagineif we all turned our natural gifts into career dreams

Salim Shukur is the owner of SHUKUR MOTORS. 

An Ethiopian native, Salim moved to the states with his mother and siblings just as he was entering high school. Even as he adjusted to his new home, his vibrant and infectious personality was quickly understood by his peers and made him a well-loved friend to many.

Initially, he didn't know how he would put his gift of connecting with others to use. But Salim has always seen himself as an entrepreneur who would leave a legacy behind for his family. After college, he was offered a great job back in Ethiopia, but turned it down in order to chase his dreams. 

Salim recalls, "I remember just wanting a sign to know where I should head next". Because of his many friendships, family and friends often asked him for referrals, including the always tricky task of finding an affordable car. Then it dawned on him that the automotive business was something he could thrive in.

Salim befriended dealership owners to learn the business before saving up the cash to open a tiny office for SHUKUR MOTORS. What started as a one man show is growing into a thriving enterprise that now has 4 officers and 10 sales agents.

Salim credits his success to three simple principles-- positivity, focus, and persistence. Always treating his customers with respect and care, Salim’s business has grown mostly by word of mouth referrals. He takes pride in selling affordable, reliable vehicles that his customers can count on.

His giving spirit also inspired Salim co-found the Ethiopian/Eritrean Professional Network in Atlanta (EEPNA) as a way to share lessons learned in entrepreneurship. Salim is currently finalizing plans for a new, appropriately sized location for SHUKUR MOTORS that will be a one-stop shop for vehicle purchases, repairs, and accessories. 

As both SHUKUR MOTORS and the EEPNA continue to grow, Salim is most proud to be a friend and contributed to his community.

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