Michelle Paul Events

#Imagineif… your dream event could always be brought to life

Michelle Paul is the founder of Michelle Paul Events. 

Anyone who knows Michelle will tell you how much she enjoys bringing people together around special moments. If you’re lucky, you’ve enjoyed one of her signature West Indies dishes or been to a celebration that she planned for family or colleagues. While Michelle has long been the go-to for coordinating events in her personal and professional life, it became clear at the end of 2014 that her gift was worth more serious focus. Her ability to activate space and create memorable experiences could no longer remain a hobby. 

After spending most of her professional career in the nonprofit world, in 2015 Michelle took a leap of faith into full-time events consulting for a variety of organizations in the New York City area. The demand for her services grew quickly and she saw an opportunity to start an end-to-end event planning firm that focuses on executing meticulously planned corporate, non-profit, and social events.

Michelle says, “planning fundraisers, celebrations, galas, and everything in between has always been a passion of mine”. Through Michelle Paul Events, she is looking forward to bringing a creative spin and an eye for detail to her clients’ events. She sums it up with a simple motto, saying, “if it can be imagined, we can create it!”

The future certainly is full of special moments for Michelle Paul Events and clients as they collaborate to bring dream events to life. When you talk to Michelle about the venture, you can’t help but notice her enthusiasm for the work. And if you ever needed an example of someone brave enough to dive head first into passion, keep your eyes on Michelle as she lives that portrait in front of us all. 

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