SoRen Tea

Imagine If... there was a tea brand that represented the best in high-quality product and experiences

Rena Williams and Sonnia Shields are the founders of SoRen Tea.

In 2011 the sisters established the luxury lifestyle brand with a gourmet selection of blended, loose teas. SoRen’s aim is to deliver quality tea, elegant packaging and to share their product experience through high-end events. Rena channels her passion for creativity and brand development as she leads marketing efforts, while Sonnia runs to operational side of SoRen Tea’s business.

Rena and Sonnia say their mission is simple. “We believe in celebrating life through tea. We want to be the go-to brand for tea products that represent our values and tastes.” The idea for the brand was inspired by afternoon tea traditions in the UK. Yet Rena and Sonnia see their impact extending beyond the product that they deliver to market. “We use our tea brand as a thread to connect and celebrate women.”

Through their Women of Influence series and the SoRen Tea and Conversations series, Rena and Sonnia spotlight other female entrepreneurs and create opportunities for networking. At their most recent Tea and Conversations event, female business owners and professionals from Atlanta gathered to network while experiencing the SoRen Tea brand. No detail was ignored as the SoRen team hosted a memorable event that included uplifting dialogue, unique food and beverage pairings and of course high quality tea.  Rena says, “this is the SoRen experience and what we hope our brand represents to our customers.” For your own taste of the SoRen experience, check out their offerings online.

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