ENJOI Concierge Group

Imagine if… you had access to a personal concierge who could predict and plan for all of your needs

Joi Jackson and Melanie Barber are leading ENJOI Concierge Group.

ENJOI specializes in luxury concierge service, lifestyle management and event planning. The two leaders bring a great deal of experience and passion to the work. And their customers are guaranteed access to their services around the clock, 365 days a year. ENJOI offers a range of services, including monthly memberships, flexible hourly packages and end-to-end event planning.

Joi, the Founder and CEO, spent nearly 10-years honing her skills planning events and providing services for clients in Atlanta. She says, “after working with political figures, corporate clients and entertainers I saw the need to create a concierge company dedicated to working around the clock.” Over the years, Joi has cultivated personal and professional relationships that she taps to deliver the premium service. Joi believes that she and her team are best positioned to service their clients’ needs, no matter the size of the request.

Melanie is ENJOI’s President. Her experiences in sales, public relations and marketing all play an important part in her ability to drive the the company’s vision of excellence. The Los Angeles native brings creative flare to crafting experiences that are tailored to her customers’ most detailed preferences. Melanie cites her primary source of inspiration as the collage of influences present in the world around her.

Asked to describe the most important aspect of their mission, the team says, “we are committed to the notion that quality matters and always go the extra mile to bring our clients the very best.” Whether for business or pleasure, premium dining or exclusive events, ENJOI and their dedicated concierges can take care of everything for you while you make the most of your time. 

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