Urban News Room

Imagine if... young people were informed and connected to current events that impact their community

Kirk Brown is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Urban Newsroom.

The digital news website presents its readers with the content that everyone is talking about on the web. The UNR concept was born in 2010 after its parent company, digital radio station Urban Cafe 102.5, became interested in carrying more news. Since then, Kirk has set out to deliver engaging stories with help from co-founders Alex Haynes and Stan Rucker. UNR's model provides an aggregation of news headlines, both local and national, and the site is curated to present a mix of relevant current event stories for the urban reader.

Asked to describe his motivation, Kirk says, “I have always been a news junky!” In the early days Kirk managed most of the day to day operations on his own. And over the years, his team and reach has expanded incredibly. Urban Newsroom is now a team of 4 writers, an editorial assistant, and pull-in content from freelance writers. They are also committed to creating experiences for upcoming journalists who are looking for their first internship or the chance to publish their work.

The future looks bright for Kirk and Urban Newsroom. Beyond their constant effort to grow their readership, they are returning to their radio roots by providing  news to BOSS.FM's morning show called The Shake Up. Kirk's vision for Urban Newsroom is simple. He says, “I want my community to be informed and connected. And I think our portal starts conversations that lead to action.”

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