Dyandra Raye

Imagine if… everyone felt the confidence that comes from presenting their best personal fashion

Dyandra Raye is an entrepreneur with a heart for fashion and her eyes set on beauty.

When asked about her greatest influence, Dyandra credits a special person for impacting her career decisions. She says, “my mom is a fashion designer who owned a boutique, made jewelry, and believes that fashion is a part of an entire lifestyle experience. She is my muse!” Dyandra describes how her mother’s combination of business savvy and fashion sense fueled her interest in aesthetics and entrepreneurship at a young age. 

To this end, Dyandra founded Styled by Dyandra independently and Boutique Your Closet with Brittany Arial. The two ventures aim to spread happiness, confidence, and creativity to people by curating stylish wardrobes and designing closet space for clients that organizes their look while integrating their lifestyle. She is also in partnership with The Lip Bar, an emerging lifestyle brand offering beauty products that prioritize quality and health. Dyandra explains, “fashion goes hand in hand with interior design and makeup. People are realizing now, with technology and social media, your professional and personal brand includes everything. From what you wear to the settings you move between--- it’s now very much about your lifestyle.” 

Dyandra’s passion rests with helping anyone who is interested in overhauling their look. In that pursuit she has also provided personal styling for celebrity clients, photo shoots and commercials. Her mission is to help people understand that fashion and beauty are, at core, about individual expression. She says, “when you’re comfortable with the way you present yourself to the world, you become more confident that you are the person you want people to receive. This confidence helps you succeed.” 

Although her aspirations and interests are ever changing, Dyandra wants to focus on building her brand and watching things unfold naturally. Join her as she spreads her aesthetic of joy and light to the world!

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