Girls Going Global

Imagine if... all girls gained global awareness through travel and cultural exchange

Martice Sutton is known as the Chief Changemaker and Head Traveler In Charge of Girls Going Global (GGG)! 

GGG seeks to empower girls through travel and cultural exchange. As our world rapidly becomes more internationally integrated, global awareness is a necessity not a luxury. Martice is passionate about helping young women from her hometown and notes, “for many low-income girls of color in Philadelphia, the obstacles are high. Many of our girls have not been outside their Philadelphia neighborhoods and most have never flown on a plane.” Martice believes few question these limitations because its simply their norm. 

Never has it been more pressing for girls to be exposed to the world around them. By travelling internationally with girls ages 10-16, Martice hopes to empower a new generation of change-agents eager to impact and better the lives of individuals throughout the world.

Martice recalls her experience living and working in India as an IDEX Social Enterprise Fellow after graduating college, where she first began working with what she terms “girl-empowerment organizations”. She adds, “I respected those people who wanted to stay another year to continue empowering Indian girls, but, if I stayed, who was going to empower the girls of West Philly? I wanted girls to know that they could have the same experiences.”

This type of passion is the driving force behind the vision for GGG. The hope is to reach a level where GGG can equip 100 girls with their first passports, provide 3 international trips, and host year-round global engagement programming in various cities. Martice illustrates this more simply. “My personal dream is to, one day fill a plane with little black girls from my neighborhood.” There is no doubt that Martice and GGG will make that dream come true in no time.

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