What is The Human Capital Theory?

Imagine if people, businesses, and institutions collaborate to build stronger community-based economies.

The Human Capital Theory is a movement that hopes to create engaging and responsible approaches to community-based economic development. HCT began as a way to solve for two related problems: professionals and business owners want to become more engaged in building better communities but don’t know how, and, second, many of America’s most overlooked communities stand to benefit the most from the skills and resources that local professionals and leaders can offer. HCT seeks to break down the walls between these groups.

Our vision is to achieve a world in which everyone is responsible for the success of a community. We believe that each person’s human capital must be leveraged and shared to foster collaboration, drive growth, and achieve sustainability. HCT grounds itself in the values of love and responsibility to others, and in the belief that our collective problems must be addressed as an entire community.

In the time to come, we will share stories of people working together to achieve great successes, provide a forum to discuss issues that most afflict our communities, and present opportunities for you to directly engage with our work.

What happens when people, businesses, and institutions collaborate to build stronger community-based economies? Join HCT and help us find out just how far the possibilities can reach.


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