playLUXE Atlanta

Imagine If... all children had access to the benefits that come from creative arts and crafts expression

Melissa leads playLUXE Atlanta, an organization that she created with a vision to expose students to the world of arts and crafts through customized lessons that reinforce school-readiness skills and help children express themselves creatively.

Melissa has spent the last 8 years working with children and in the field of education. As a former teacher and avid crafter, Melissa says playLUXE, "aligns my passion with my purpose." playLUXE was crafted as a tool for parents and educators to share with children in order to enhance their educational experience and academic trajectory in a warm and fun environment. Melissa is especially fond of playLUXE's mobile design which allows her team to work with children of all ages in the comfort of their home.

That vision has expanded to the ultimate goal of helping children use their creative interests to impact their communities through outreach and social-entrepreneurship. Melissa hopes to produce a series of activity books that will guide children through craft lessons that encourage them to use their talents to help others.

Melissa believes that, through self-expression, children have the unique capacity to create solutions to everyday problems they experience--at home and in their communities.

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