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Imagine If... we invested in teachers by prioritizing and producing aesthetically inspiring work spaces for all educators

Tiffany René Cobb is a former teacher and the founder of Tiffany René Interior Design. Known for her innate sense of personal style, Tiffany infuses her love for fashion and interior design to create modishly styled spaces. While her venture into the design world fulfills a life-long passion, Tiffany’s heart has never quite left the school house. Recently, she decided to forge a new chapter that joins her two professional passions.

“During my most challenging days as a teacher, I never had a designated space outside of the classroom that I could retreat to, collect my thoughts, and get back in the game,” Tiffany says. “When children’s lives are at stake, teacher performance must not be compromised.” It was through her teaching experience that Tiffany recognized the direct need for, and significant impact of, creating inspiring spaces. “When teacher performance is enhanced, it naturally benefits students,” she adds.

Tiffany René Interior Design and The Human Capital Theory are partnering to develop Love Thy Teacher, the design company's new, social-impact service line. Love Thy Teacher works to support educators by designing creative lounges and collaborative learning spaces. The guiding principle is that productive and happy teachers are better able to guide students to successful learning. Across the many professional-development opportunities available for teachers, little attention is given to examining the physical environment.

No matter the space, Tiffany René strives to design spaces that are equally stylish, functional, and inspirational. Each project is executed according to the firm's highest expectations---employing effective communication practices and extensive skill in coordinating client installations.  The end result is a stress-free and transparent process to create interior spaces that will reflect the client's vision. Tiffany believes that everyone should live and work with things that they love. And that's exactly why she’s bringing her vision to schools and educators in bold ways.

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