Atlantic Division Entertainment

Imagine If... music and music based events were used as agents of change for real global issues

Jhordan Gibbs is the Managing Partner of Atlantic Division Entertainment. When asked to describe the organization, he says, “ADE is dedicated to connecting people with their favorite artists and creating lasting, unique experiences. Imagine if you could create memories while simultaneously leaving a positive footprint on the world we all share." For Jhordan and his business partners, Chase Freeman and Kevin Reese, that company is their Atlanta-based ADE.

ADE has a simple philosophy--music permeates all cultures of the human race. Chords from your favorite song resonate in your mind and body long after the music has stopped playing. ADE wants to prove that they are the company that best understands the power of music and these guys are motivated to tackle global issues in the process.

"While doing service at an Atlanta elementary school, I observed students rapping the lyrics to a popular song. These same students were underachieving in their sixth-grade math and reading standardized exams,” Jhordan says. “It was then I realized music has a special way of impacting our minds."

This experience sparked ADE's quest to change the landscape of Atlanta's music scene by promoting more uplifting artists and utilizing popular concerts as a vehicle for social change. The challenge of finding the perfect union between consciousness and the concert-music industry is no small feat, but ADE is driven by its mission: "Influencing Culture Through Music."

For ADE, success is all about a group of friends tapping their entrepreneurial passion for the power that music can have to positively change communities. Together they're building a movement that delivers memorable concerts and creates heightened social awareness.

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