Imagine if... we all healed the mental and emotional blocks that prevent us from living our full purpose

Amanda Elise is changing the way people think about spiritual wellbeing and happiness through @spirituallydope.

Over the course of a decade, Amanda watched her life change drastically as she and her family struggled with habits that left them in a cycle of financial struggle month after month, no matter how much they earned. She also saw this pattern manifesting itself in the lives of peers and friend. Amanda says “in response to this painful pattern, I sought training on spiritual methods and new habits that could change things for me before I decided to take action working with others”. 

Now she works with students and clients through an inside-out-approach to personal happiness. She says “if we heal the mental and emotional blocks that we face, we can all build empowered and purposeful lives”. By sharing her story and furthering her training, Amanda believes that she playing her part in uplifting others. Amanda’s vision is to participate in healing her community and to contribute to lives that are authentic, and joyous.

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