Cruzado & Hookah Cru

Imagine if...  we all had a favorite restaurant or lounge that made us feel like family whenever we stopped by

Grace Lee is the founder and owner of Atlanta based restaurant Cruzado and Hookah Cru lounge.

For years, Grace spent time as a food critic and blogger, checking out a wide range of establishments all over the world. When she decided to leave her day job as real estate entrepreneur, she was drawn to her passion for the service industry and inspired to launch Cruzado in 2012. Grace wanted to combine her love for Cuban cuisine with her fascination for creating customer centric spaces.

Grace recalls that Cruzado was a huge risk but it became an instant success. A year after launching, she wasted no time expanding her reach. For her next endeavor she decided to venture into the lounge and bar side of the industry. Grace says, “Atlanta is known for its nightlife, bars, and clubs so you can imagine how daunting it seemed for me to try my hand in this space. But I had a vision for a place that was more intimate, where my customers felt more like friends than patrons”.  At Hookah Cru Grace aims to create a chic atmosphere that is a versatile space for people in Atlanta. She adds, “I want Hookah Cru to be the perfect place for a first date or swanky private birthday party and still makes regular customers feel relaxed and at home.”

For Grace, the role that her businesses play extends beyond the great eats and drinks on the menu. She takes great pride in sharing her experiences as an entrepreneur with her staff and empowering them to build towards their own long term goals. She also prioritizes hosting events that appeal to a wide range of Atlanta’s diverse community members. And for customers, it only takes one visit to experience the high level of care that Grace and her team direct towards making everyone feel welcome in the space. 

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Visit Cruzado @ 366 5th St, Atlanta, GA 
Visit Hookah Cru @ 620 Glen Iris Dr, Atlanta, GA
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