The Black Man Can

Imagine if... young men of color were shaping the future of their communities

Brandon Frame, Terris King, and Jaleith Gary run The Black Man Can, which aims to build positive identity and critical consciousness among its students and teach them how to process emotions and foster brotherhood. The Institute seeks to help young men of color develop the skills to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Brandon was working with young men at Drew Charter Schools, on the east side of Atlanta, when he made the observation that young men need to see positive images and positive examples. That observation evolved into a sense of obligation for Brandon. In 2010, The Black Man Can began as a blog to serve as a counterweight to the popular and negative perceptions of men of color. With help from Terris, the Executive Director, and Jalieth, the Chief Operating Officer, and many others, T.B.M.C. has been growing ever since.

Now the organization hosts institutes throughout the country that bring together students with local leaders in order to enact the vision that Brandon had nearly five years ago.

Thinking about what’s next for The Black Man Can, Brandon says, “We want to see young men develop the skill set and receive the information to manifest their potential.”

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