Imagine if... we used our hardships as tools to uplift and motivate others

Bria Toussaint and Royal Phillips are leading Girl-Power Foundation (GRL-PWR)!

GRL-PWR founders Bria Toussaint and Royal Phillips

The Spelman College Juniors were inspired to start their organization after obstacles each faced growing up, including experiences with divorce, poverty, and violence that resulted in the murder of a parent. Despite these seemingly insurmountable challenges, the two young women were committed to defying the odds that suggested they should fall victim to further physical and emotional setbacks. When asked what helped them to grow beyond their circumstances, Bria and Royal say “we realized that we had each overcome so much because we grew up with strong positive female role models”. This simple, yet significant fact is the driving force behind their goal to provide similar role models for other young girls.

GRL-PWR teaches young girls about the importance of building a strong self-esteem, setting goals, and serving others.  The mission is to empower girls by providing them with the tools they need to feel confident and become successful.  

Bria and Royal know that life is full of obstacles, but believe it is GRL-PWR’s job to ensure that young girls have the confidence and the ability to bounce back from any obstacle that they may come across. The duo facilitates their 36-day curriculum at after-school programs, workshops, training sessions, and summer camps. They brought their organization to Spelman with the hopes of motivating their Spelman sisters to use their own stories to empower young girls and are currently Co-Presidents of the school’s GRL-PWR chapter.

Bria and Royal’s vision is to make GRL-PWR more than just a program.  They hope that one day the name GRL-PWR and resilience will go hand and hand.  Through facilitated sessions, media outreach, and eventually a program driven facility, they hope to continue empowering young girls. They say success in their eyes is simple to define—“we want to be the reason people see their story as a tool used to uplift others”.

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