Collidoscope Berlin

Imagine if... our cities viewed difference as a pathway to more empathetic, inclusive, and participatory communities

Sophia Burton and Kelly Miller are the creators of Collidoscope Berlin.

 In 2013, the two expats founded the blog that aims to be a conversation-starter and a democratic and inclusive view of the many peoples, spaces, and settings that constitute the modern city. The duo is committed to exploring and celebrating a range of topics connected to phenomena of life in diverse, global cities.  

Collidoscope Berlin founders Sophia Burton and Kelly Miller 

Berlin, Germany is one example of the type of diversity that Collidoscope is exploring. The city has a long history of attracting different people. One in four Berlin residents is of foreign origin and over 140 countries are represented among the city’s population. As a result, Berlin is constantly undergoing transformation and undertaking the challenge of integrating newcomers, as well as second- and third-generation residents. Sophia describes it best as “a city brimming with rich diversity and teeming with opportunities.” 

Collidoscope promotes inclusion and community through portraits and interviews with the diverse individuals that help create the modern city. The blog also reviews policy and organizational practices and shares personal experiences that help inform transnationalism and multiculturalism. 

Through their work, Sophia and Kelly advocate for the idea that every city is home to its very own collisions of cultures and, thus, has unique stories about diversity to share. Through the lens of migration they believe that they can understand more about people on an individual, local, and global scale. Collidoscope aims to make sense of what defines and shapes the places we call home, as well as the places we leave. Ultimately, the platform is a celebration of stories and opportunities.

“If we begin to view our cities’ pockets and spaces of difference as opportunities–becoming more empathetic, inclusive, and participatory in the process,” Sophia and Kelly say, “we can begin to realize global values within local communities.”

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