Imagine if... well placed tech innovation meant patience no longer had to be a virtue in the service industry

Marcus Sabbs, Jared Green, Bryant Bourgeois, and Chinua Umoja are leading ICOM. 

ICOM Founders (l to r) Bryant, Chinua, Jared, and Marcus

Dubbed the lifestyle app, their product is set to change the way patrons and service staff interact in places like night clubs, restaurants, and bars. The team says their target market is the women and men who enjoy social gatherings, exclusive celebrations, and appreciate a full calendar of outings. They also deliver value by allowing owners and service staff to stay intimately aware of their customers' needs in real time.

ICOM is a mobile app created to enhance communication between servers and customers through instant messaging. The platform allows service staff to overcome the limits of physical presence by enabling a server to be in many places at once. This new level of efficiency creates ease for servers and convenience for users.

When asked about the goals of the venture, ICOM’s leadership says, “we want to do three important things. We hope to improve customer service through blended technology, use our brand to increase an establishment’s ability to reach their customers, and increase minority representation in the tech industry.” The team is well on their way and has been recognized by organizations like Black Startup, Portland Business Journal, and was recently named merit finalist of the 2014 PDX Startup Challenge.

As part of their PDX designation, CEO Marcus Sabbs will relocate to Portland to incubate the business and aggressively pursue additional capital. Along with co-founders Jared (CFO), Bryant (CMO), and Chinua (CTO), the ICOM team is poised to disrupt the service industry and bring greater diversity to the tech industry.

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