Doggie Dens

Imagine if... it were more convenient for people to run errands with their companion animals

Martin Leonard is the Founder of Doggie Dens

 Martin Leonard is the Founder of Doggie Dens, a short-term, dog-sitting service based in Atlanta. He and his team provide pet owners with a guilt-free option to run errands, while someone cares for their dogs outside of their favorite local establishments! Martin and his team transform a 100-square-foot space outside of participating businesses into safe and convenient “doggie dens”.

If Martin has it his way, pet owners will no longer have to choose between leaving their dogs at home, in the car, or unattended outside of the store while they complete life’s everyday tasks. Doggie Dens' associates happily watch your dogs in temperature controlled enclosures, allowing a stress free shopping experience. Martin says, “whenever Atlantans shop I want them to bring along their best bud, and trust us to take care of the rest.”

Martin created Doggie Dens after suffering the loss of his beloved dog Ace. He says, “I wished for an alternative to leaving Ace unattended at home or outside, while I went grocery shopping”. He knew he wasn't the only one with this problem and vowed to create a solution that would please dogs and their owners. With a fresh idea, he sought assistance from friends Rebekah Rogers and Carter Walters. Together, they partnered with the Atlanta Technology Development Center and earned the support of an Atlanta based Whole Foods Market. You can find Doggie Dens outside of the Ponce De Leon location doing their part to turn Atlanta into the first truly pet-friendly city. 

Beyond the high quality service that the team provides, a portion of their earnings go towards teaching minority high school and college students the "Customer Discovery" methods that Doggie Dens is built on. Martin sees the role and success of Doggie Dens as a larger purpose. He adds, “I believe Doggie Dens is bigger than animal and owner care. It empowers people to strengthen their bonds with their companion animals, which I hope enables them to be more caring citizens.”  Doggie Dens envisions a happier, more compassionate society and is committed to delivering that effort one customer and companion at a time

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