Terri's Cakes Detroit

Imagine if... there was a healthier option to satisfy your sweet tooth while making a positive impact on your local economy

Garnet T. Gullett wears many hats. She is the Owner, Operator and Principal Baker at Terri’s Cakes Detroit. 

Garnet sees a glaring challenge in the world of baking that she’s determined to solve. She says, “most bakeries are selling mass produced goods and using ingredients that people can’t pronounce. There are not enough places that cater to the unique needs of people with dietary restrictions, allergies, or strict diet preferences”.  Garnet would like see more places that source locally grown goods to produce affordable high quality items that people can feel good about eating. 

Garnet’s mother, Terri Conerway, is the inspiration behind the bakery. Terri began cooking at a young age with her father and raised Garnet to use her gifts for the greater good. It has always been important in the Conerway house to give back to those in need and help whenever you can. That’s why the mission at Terri’s Cakes extends beyond the tasty products they offer. The bakery prides itself on being part of boosting Detroit’s local economy.  Terri’s Cakes makes every effort to source from other small businesses and employs women from COTS, the Coalition on Temporary Shelter, in Detroit. While customers enjoy their favorite cupcake, Terri's Cakes is channeling that love of sweet treats into positive economic activity and job creation for local community members. 

Terri’s Cakes’ vision is to be at the center of a Detroit that offers adequate employment, vibrant activities and, of course, healthy and affordable baked goods. When asked to define success Garnet says, “Terri’s Cakes Detroit will be a success when other bakeries take note and begin to use real ingredients, just like grandma used to do. We’ll be a success when young people are coming in droves for baking classes, life coaching and business skills. And we’ll be a success when the demand for our philosophy and products grow to other communities”.

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